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Scotch Cigars & Heels the Three SINS of Life. Be The Man or be The Women, each is drawn to experience the pleasures of each. With devilish desires to the alluring attraction that each provides Man or Women will encounter the effects of each or combined into a pleasurable experience that is additive to the say the least. ;

Join Pj, his friends, associates and intimate partners, sharing their thoughts and opinions of the lives of day to day people that are tempted by any one or combination of the THREE SINS of LIFE.

Scotch Cigars & Heels is a sharing of likes, dislikes, experiences knowledge and Fantasy that stimulates the mind. Join in on the conversation and debate of a variety of subjects from artificial intelligence to conversations between a man and a women.

Pour your self a Scotch, select a Cigar and enjoy the company of a vixen and allow Pj and his friends to lead you through some very stimulating conversation.

Scotch, Cigars & Heels

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Born in Canada, Speaks English.

Private Chat Fee: $6.00 Per Minute.
Party / Group Chat Price: $5.00 / Per Minute.

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